13 Aralık 2008 Cumartesi


At Hesperia Hotels we know how to rise to such a special occasion. So if you decide to hold your wedding reception at an Hesperia hotel you will be able to choose free stays at your chain's establishments *.

The Hotel Hesperia A Coruña is a newly constructed establishment located right in the centre of the city and very close to the beach. Its modern, comfortable facilities make it an ideal place to celebrate this unforgettable day.

The hotel has two absolutely luminous dining rooms: the Castelao room, 152 m2, with capacity for 70 guests, and the Rosalía de Castro room, 218 m2, with capacity for 120 guests.

In our menus you will find a perfect combination, on one hand the superb quality of the products of our land (meats, fish and seafood) and on the other their masterly preparation by our kitchen staff who give their dishes a distinctive Mediterranean-traditional style. Among others, we can point to the fillet with red pepper or hake with vegetable compote. All this complemented with a wide variety of appetisers, natural sorbets and services such as the free bar, orchestras, etc.

Our offer includes a prior tasting of the menu, personalized menu cards, flower decoration for the tables, top class room, or suite depending on availability, for the couple on the wedding night and the gift of a stay in one of our hotels. In addition, for the preparation of the event you will have available the advice and help of our banquet staff who will provide you at all times with that personalised attention that is a distinctive feature of the service of the Hesperia chain.

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