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Niagara Şelalesi(Kuzey Amerika)

Angel Şelalesi(Venezüella)

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The Taleon Imperial Hotel is the only lodging in St. Petersburg providing accommodations in a czarist-era palace. Restored and modified by some of Russia's finest artistic talent, the hotel opened in May 2003 in time to celebrate the city's 300th anniversary. LOCATION: 59, Moika emb. METRO STATION: Gostinny Dvor / Nevsky Prospect
leader nell’ intermediazione immobiliare e promozione turistica a Porto Rotondo
e per le ville di prestigio in tutta la Costa Smeralda. I 25 anni di esperienza
hanno ormai consolidato ed affermato l’ azienda a livello internazionale. Lo
staff della Socoin, ha raggiunto da tempo un altissimo grado di professionalità,
riuscendo a soddisfare appieno le numerose richieste dei propri clienti.

La società ha la fortuna di svolgere la sua attività in una delle zone
più affascinanti del mondo, fra spiagge paradisiache bagnate da un mare color
smeraldo ed inebrianti profumi mediterranei. Il Nord Est Sardegna meglio
conosciuta come Costa Smeralda, è un angolo magico di questa terra antica, dove
cultura millenaria e folklore si fondono mirabilmente con mondanità ed eleganza,
in una modernissima concezione di vacanze, grazie ai modernissimi porti
turistici, i campi da golf e le varie strutture ricettive e sportive. Oggi Porto
Rotondo e Porto Cervo sono luoghi dove gli ospiti vengono coccolati e viziati
sia dal lusso che dalla semplice bellezza del territorio.

La tradizione
ed il carattere di quest’isola collocano l’ospitalità al primo posto fra i
molteplici pregi naturali.

L’esperienza maturata nei 25 anni di attività
permette alla Socoin di poter offrire ai propri clienti una consulenza su misura
sia per i loro Investimenti in Costa Smeralda (acquisto e gestione di ville e
appartamenti) che per le loro vacanze con una grande offerta di dimore in
affitto ( anche settimanale per gli appartamenti ) dove è possibile godere la
lunghissima (da maggio ad ottobre), profumata, fresca estate della

Affinché le vostre vacanze siano ancora più spensierate e
piacevoli, siamo tra le pochissime Agenzie Immobiliari in grado di fornire tutti
i servizi, quali cuochi qualificati, colf, domestici, giardinieri, manutentori,
per il periodo e le ore di cui avete bisogno.

Porto Cervo is the main centre of the so-called Costa Smeralda, one of the most prestigious tourist areas in Gallura on Sardinia's north-western coast.
Resorts such as Cala di Volpe, Liscia di Vacca and Baja Sardinia are now considered very sought-after tourist destinations.
Porto Cervo is a village of multicoloured buildings, recently built in front of the natural port and the surrounding hills.
The Porto Vecchio (Old Port) dates back to the 60's and is on the south-eastern side, while the new harbour is equipped with the most modern and complete tourist infrastructures for international marine traffic.
The wharves and quays are Porto Cervo Spa's private property and therefore fees must be paid for docking and enjoying the use of the facilities.
The Port is visible from the sea and makes reference to Capo Ferro, a 46 m high promontory with a lighthouse indicating north of Porto Cervo. From the sea you can also admire the lights of the numerous tourist resorts present in the area.
Anyone not wanting to use the port might anchor in the bay. The entrance is indicated by the lights.
Obviously, Porto Cervo couldn't not have a Yacht Club (the Costa Smeralda Yacht Club) and a meeting point for nightlife (La Piazzetta

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Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines to see is an award winning technology company with a focus on vision-based man-machine interfaces. Formed in 2000, View Seeing Machine objective is to market its computer-vision IP across a variety of industries and applications.

One of the ways our technology faceLAB ® provides head pose, gaze tracking and closing of the eyelid. Has immediate and far-reaching impact in the field of transport security and the knowledge systems of active information.

Seeing Machines do was founded nearly eight years ago to exploit commercially the computer vision technology that was developed jointly by the National University of Australia and the Swedish Volvo car.

The first product? faceLAB? remains the bulk of their income. This is a computer vision system that is capable of measuring the orientation and position of a human head, to detect and estimate flashing eyes.

Sold to research and development organizations, works faceLAB through a stereo camera system that connects to a software advanced processing of images, without attachments required in the field. Allows human factors designers and researchers to evaluate the operators in environments such as driving seats in cars, trucks, trains and planes. faceLAB has already been sold to a number of car manufacturers, including Daimler Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Peugeot, while other companies using the product include Bosch, Motorola, Samsung and Honeywell.

Various research institutions and universities around the world, including MIT and the Fraunhofer Institute, which also use faceLAB. Show machine but the strategy does not end with faceLAB, representing almost all of the company U.S. $ 1.4 million of revenue in the first half of 2008. Machines to see is extending its technology to be used in everyday situations outside the R & D laboratory.

See also machines used its technology to develop a device that checks for glaucoma (an eye disease that affects 2-3% of all people older than 40 years). Call the TrueField Analyzer (TFA), this device competes with a technology that is more than three decades old and takes less than five minutes to test both eyes, compared to 5-20 minutes per eye with existing technology. View Machines that TFA is an objective way of testing for glaucoma, while current technology uses a subjective test, which claims its test is more reliable. TFA has already been approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. According to the company, as many as 150,000 ophthalmologists in the global target markets Cerneaz and hopes to see some activity with the product at the end of next year.

In the short term, the equity research firm Edison Investment Research expected earnings of DSS to drive revenue growth over the next year, with turnover for the year on June 30, 2009 expected to almost Triple U.S. $ 10.3 million. Edison also expects the firm to make a small profit of $ 2.5 million before tax, compared with a loss of $ 341,000 earmarked for the current year.

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Winged luxury submarines 'fly' underwater

CNN) -- Most people have had dreams of flying. Graham Hawkes had dreams of flying -- underwater.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon made its maiden voyage in San Francisco Bay in September.

Hawkes has been in the business of building underwater craft for more than a decade. In the early days, his company, Hawkes Ocean Technologies, built vehicles for researchers and moviemakers.
But in the past few years, the ultrarich have increasingly looked for cool playthings for their ocean adventures.

What better toy to have on the end of your 200-foot yacht than a submarine capable of diving to 1,500 feet below the sea's surface?

Whoops. Did we say submarine? It's a submersible that can "fly" underwater.

The Deep Flight Super Falcon looks like a fighter jet, with its thin body, two seats, two sets of wings and two tail fins.

"We just had to tear up everything we knew about submersibles and start again on winged subs -- underwater flying machines," Hawkes said.

He said Deep Flight submersibles are designed to be more agile than any creature living in the ocean -- with the exception of dolphins. The company says that because of the wings, the Super Falcon can go barrel-rolling with dolphins while traveling at speeds much faster than other private submarines.

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In Depth: Edge of Discovery
Scientists discover new species in ocean's depths
Deep Flight
The craft can stay underwater for up to five hours and travel at speeds up to 6 knots, the company says on its Web site.

The first client for the Super Falcon was venture capitalist Tom Perkins, who wanted a toy to keep on his mega-yacht, the Maltese Falcon. The base price: $1.3 million. Another model, which has open cockpits and cannot dive as deep as the Super Falcon, sells for $350,000.

Perkins, writing in Boating International magazine, said he joined the project to take the Super Falcon from prototype to a fully functional craft.

"Like some of my other projects, we didn't finish on time, but also like some of the others, the end result exceeded all our expectations," he said.

The second machine is being built for Hawkes' personal use.

A submarine driver wouldn't recognize the cockpit of the Super Falcon.

"There are no valves, there are no gauges," Hawkes said. "You just power up the thrusters, start your take-off run, put the joystick forward, then the nose goes down. The wings literally pull it down."

That's very different from conventional submarines, which basically dive by changing the ballast of the ship to make it sink.

"It's not just that they look like airplanes, they actually are," Hawkes said. "The machines we build underwater should look like airplanes, not submarines. Airplanes don't look like balloons."

He won't take credit for the idea, saying the idea of a submarine with fins and wings has been thought of before. The 1972 French comic book, "Tintin and the Lake of Sharks," included a shark-like submarine with dorsal fins and a tail. Hawkes said that although the idea of wings may have been obvious, "The prize goes to he that does."

On one of the submersible's first test voyages, Hawkes' team encountered a group of hammerhead sharks. The sharks were curious and swam around the watercraft. One engaged the sub in a game of chicken, only to veer off at the last minute. It was a great reward, Hawkes said.

The craft is powered by batteries and the turbines that drive the ship were made with special care to be incredibly quiet. The maneuverability also lets it navigate in strong currents that stifle other underwater craft, the creators said.

The business plan for Deep Flight includes schools for underwater pilots to fly future versions of the Super Falcon. The next school is scheduled for this summer in the Turks and Caicos, said Karen Hawkes, the company's manager of marketing and communications, in an e-mail.

The three-day course costs $17,000. There is also a half-day, ride-along dive that costs $5,500. Karen Hawkes said the company enrolls 10 to 15 people per course and had open spots for this summer's courses.

She also wrote that while "there really isn't something akin to the FAA governing submersible operations," her company thinks sub manufacturers should offer pilot training to the owners of machine.

Then the owner can load his or her new toy onto their yacht and discover the underwater portion of this planet that most people never see, Hawkes said.

"Do you want to stalk a shark?" he asked. "Do you want to go to a Great White and go woo-hoo? Do you want to do a barrel roll with a whale?
"Shall we go and find some territories that humans have never seen before? ... Get in one of these machines, get below 150 feet -- the deepest that divers go -- and you are the first human eyes to look at that piece of the planet."

The Life Change Centre

We understand that dependency can be a lonely and frightening experience. Left untreated, it can be devastating. The Life Change Centre (TLC), is a unique, independent rehabilitation centre, offering specialist addiction treatment by leading dependency specialists.

Reaching out for help, for yourself or someone that you care about can be daunting. We understand that. Our team of trained addiction advisors are there to assist you. They are able to offer you advice on all aspects of addictions and treatment possibilities. They are able to support you and your family in the difficulties that addiction brings. You do not have to feel alone.

Finding effective treatment for addiction is the first step to recovery. We can offer advice tailored to your needs. Our experienced team of UK registered professionals have developed innovative treatment options to ensure that our clients have the best chance of success in recovery. We work with the needs of every individual and respect their choice in treatment. Our residential and day care programmes utilise the most effective interventions, incorporating aspects of traditional treatment methods with modern, dynamic and creative therapies. We believe that addiction can be most effectively treated by working with the individual. Our range of therapeutic interventions offer our clients the option to work with a variety of methods, we don’t believe that one glove fits all!

Often our clients are apprehensive about residential treatment. We understand that leaving your home and family for a prolonged period can be worrying. We have selected “house parents” with personal experience of recovery to support you and comfort you day and night. Our medical and therapy teams are available to discuss aspects of your care and treatment with you and your family. Many of our clients benefit from having treatment away home, removing the usual routines, people, places and temptations can be an enormous benefit in early recovery. You will be welcomed into a supportive, caring environment where your care is our priority.

TLC was created with luxury in mind. Our exclusive 12 bedroom centre is a haven where recovery can take place. Situated in the beautiful climate of Southern Spain, we benefit from a secure and private location, where our clients are assured peace, tranquillity and confidentiality. We considered the needs of our clients in the design of the centre, offering a variety of rooms, shared, single or suite and stay options can be arranged from 14 day “Detox + Recover” to 28 and 42 day programmes. Clients with poly addictions or dual diagnosis may prefer to extend their stay. We are accessible for our disabled clients and have facilities to enable wheelchair access. The bedrooms and bathrooms are spacious and have either mountain or sea views. Our outdoor swimming pool and leisure facilities offer a relaxing end to the day.

For some clients the residential care is not an option. Family commitments or caring for others can be obstacles when considering residential treatment programmes. We have designed and created a “Day Care” programme, to make recovery accessible to those with outside commitments. Day Clients will experience the same level of care from our addictions team, with a full day programme delivered by leading experts in dependency. Clients are then able to return home in the evening.

Many of our clients are worried about the future; we work with them to create a future worth looking forward to.

For advice on addictions and treatment, please contact our admission team.

Vossloh-Schwabe Aromat

Vossloh-Schwabe ,Aromat

We are pleased to announce the merger of Aromat Lighting Division with Vossloh-Schwabe Inc..

Based on our goal to continuously enhance benefits and services to our customers, MEW HQ took the decision to merge the two Matsushita Lighting Component Operations in the U.S. effective July 1st 2005 to one stronger Company under the

The combined team of VS & Aromat will be in the position to offer you the complete range of high performance VS-Components including:

* Electronic HID Ballast & Lampholders
* Electronic FL/CFL Ballast & Lampholders
* Halogen LV-Transformers & Lampholders
* LED Modules and Converters
* Edison Lampholders & a variety of Accessories

This product offering together with the motivation, experience and technical know how of the united Aromat & VS personnel makes Vossloh-Schwabe Inc. a very attractive "one-stop shop".

Backed by the Management and R & D of MEW, VS will work to become your preferred partner for all of your Lighting Component needs.

As we work to consolidate our operations, you will continue to interface with your existing VS or AROMAT contacts, whom you have known and worked with for years.

All of us are looking forward to working with you on your future lighting endeavors.

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In een kort overzicht vind u hier de verschillende leenvormen. Voor de alle duidelijkheid staan hier de verschillen in het kort opgesomd.
RekenvoorbeeldDe familie De Vries wil een lening aanvragen voor de verbouwing van de badkamer. Voor deze verbouwing willen ze € 5000,00 lenen. De familie De Vries wil zekerheid wat betreft de maandelijkse rente en wil tussentijds geen geld meer opnemen. Ze kiezen daarom voor een persoonlijke lening.
Jan en Anita willen meer financiële bestedingsruimte. Tussentijds willen ze geld kunnen opnemen. Wanneer er meer geld beschikbaar is, willen ze ook de mogelijkheid hebben om meer af te lossen. Ze kiezen voor een doorlopend krediet.

Lening vormen
Doorlopend kredietWat is een doorlopend krediet?Een doorlopend krediet is er om over langere periode meer bestedingsruimte te hebben. U mag steeds geld opnemen tot aan de kredietlimiet, maar u mag ook minder opnemen.
Tussentijds mag er altijd zonder boete worden afgelost. Dit krediet is handig wanneer u nog niet exact weet hoeveel geld u nodig heeft of wanneer u het geld nodig heeft. U betaald elke maand een vast bedrag aan rente en aflossing.
Voordelen:- Alleen rente betalen over het opgenomen bedrag- Tussentijds extra geld aflossen (boetevrij)- Meestal een eigen bankpas
Oversluiten van een doorlopend krediet:U heeft een lening of misschien wel meerdere leningen lopen. Het is dan vaak voordeliger om uw huidige krediet(en) over te sluiten. In plaats van verschillende afschriften, komt alles dan op één handig overzicht.
Tussentijds een extra krediet afsluiten:Wanneer u geen achterstand hebt opgelopen met betalen en uw financiële situatie laat het toe, is het mogelijk om een nieuwe lening af te sluiten voordat de vorige is afgelopen. Een deel van het bedrag dat u leent, wordt dan gebruikt voor de aflossing van de vorige overeenkomst(en).
Verhogen doorlopend kredietHet kan voorkomen dat naast uw doorlopend krediet nog behoefte is aan een extra financiële reserve. U kunt er dan voor kiezen om het bestaande krediet open te breken en vervolgens uw krediet te verhogen.
Persoonlijke lening
Wat is een persoonlijke leningBij de persoonlijke lening krijgt u in één keer de beschikking over het geleende bedrag. Wanneer u een persoonlijke lening afsluit, weet u precies wanneer de lening eindigt. U spreekt namelijk van tevoren een looptijd af. Zo spreekt u bij een persoonlijk krediet eenmalig een leenbedrag en een looptijd af. U krijgt dit bedrag in één keer op uw rekening gestort. Vervolgens betaald u maandelijks een vast bedrag aan rente en aflossing. In tijden van rentestijgingen biedt een persoonlijk krediet u zekerheid, want uw rente blijft ongewijzigd! Zo weet u precies waar u aan toe bent.Bent u van plan een nieuwe auto of caravan te kopen? Of wordt het tijd voor nieuwe meubels? Wellicht heeft u hiervoor gespaard, maar is het genoeg? Wanneer u extra geld nodig heeft, maar graag overzicht houdt in uw financiën, is een persoonlijke lening voor u een oplossing!
Voordelen:- Uitbetaling direct ineens- Vast rentepercentage- Vast maandbedrag- Vaste looptijd
Vaste renteWanneer de rente stijgt is een persoonlijke lening ideaal. Mocht de rente stijgen, dan heeft dit geen enkele invloed op de persoonlijke lening. Deze rente blijft ongewijzigd.
Stel u koopt een auto. Bij een persoonlijke lening spreekt u van tevoren af wat de looptijd van de lening is. U kunt deze lening bijvoorbeeld afstemmen op de levensduur van uw auto. Hierdoor voorkomt u dat de auto al is afgeschreven, maar u nog steeds moet betalen aan uw persoonlijke lening.

Een spaarkrediet is een doorlopend krediet, gekoppeld aan een kapitaalverzekering.
Doorgaans betaald u voor een doorlopend krediet maandelijks een bedrag aan rente en aflossing. Bij een spaarkrediet betaald u echter alleen rente, die wordt berekend over het bedrag dat u heeft opgenomen. Gedurende de gehele looptijd kunt u tot uw kredietlimiet bedragen blijven opnemen.Daarnaast betaald u een maandelijkse premie voor een kapitaalverzekering.Met deze verzekering kunt u een kapitaal opbouwen om de lening af te lossen.Dit gebeurt met een kapitaalverzekering bij een gerenommeerde verzekeringsmaatschappij. De uitkering is gelijk aan de eindwaarde van de participaties en dus afhankelijk van de koersontwikkeling.
Een rentekrediet is een leenvorm voor particulieren die veel lijkt op een doorlopend krediet. Het grootste verschil is dat men bij een rentekrediet niet verplicht wordt om maandelijks af te lossen. Daardoor is het rentekrediet de leenvorm met de laagste maandlast. Deze leenvorm wordt ook vaak gebruikt om geld achter de hand te hebben, zoals bij een verbouwing of restauratie van bijvoorbeeld een oldtimer of ander duur verzamelobject. De looptijd van een rentekrediet is in principe oneindig. U lost immers niets af en betaald alleen rente. Ingezetenen van Nederland van 18 tot 65 jaar met een vast inkomen, wat niet mag bestaan uit een uitkering van de sociale dienst of de WW, kunnen in aanmerking komen voor een rentekrediet. is in het leven geroepen om als bemiddelaar in geldkredieten informatie te geven aan consumenten op het gebied van hypotheken en leningen. Hierbij wil de consument helpen juiste en verantwoorde keuzes te maken bij het afsluiten van een lening of hypotheek.
Wij worden beloond door aanbieders op basis van doorlopende provisie voor wat betreft consumptief krediet en uit een mix van afsluit- en doorlopende provisie betreffende hypotheken en verzekeringsproducten. Bij eventuele klachten kunt u ons een brief sturen ter attentie van de Directie. Voor onverhoopte geschillen zijn wij aangesloten bij Klachteninstituut Financiële Dienstverlening.Moneyweb in English