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The Life Change Centre

We understand that dependency can be a lonely and frightening experience. Left untreated, it can be devastating. The Life Change Centre (TLC), is a unique, independent rehabilitation centre, offering specialist addiction treatment by leading dependency specialists.

Reaching out for help, for yourself or someone that you care about can be daunting. We understand that. Our team of trained addiction advisors are there to assist you. They are able to offer you advice on all aspects of addictions and treatment possibilities. They are able to support you and your family in the difficulties that addiction brings. You do not have to feel alone.

Finding effective treatment for addiction is the first step to recovery. We can offer advice tailored to your needs. Our experienced team of UK registered professionals have developed innovative treatment options to ensure that our clients have the best chance of success in recovery. We work with the needs of every individual and respect their choice in treatment. Our residential and day care programmes utilise the most effective interventions, incorporating aspects of traditional treatment methods with modern, dynamic and creative therapies. We believe that addiction can be most effectively treated by working with the individual. Our range of therapeutic interventions offer our clients the option to work with a variety of methods, we don’t believe that one glove fits all!

Often our clients are apprehensive about residential treatment. We understand that leaving your home and family for a prolonged period can be worrying. We have selected “house parents” with personal experience of recovery to support you and comfort you day and night. Our medical and therapy teams are available to discuss aspects of your care and treatment with you and your family. Many of our clients benefit from having treatment away home, removing the usual routines, people, places and temptations can be an enormous benefit in early recovery. You will be welcomed into a supportive, caring environment where your care is our priority.

TLC was created with luxury in mind. Our exclusive 12 bedroom centre is a haven where recovery can take place. Situated in the beautiful climate of Southern Spain, we benefit from a secure and private location, where our clients are assured peace, tranquillity and confidentiality. We considered the needs of our clients in the design of the centre, offering a variety of rooms, shared, single or suite and stay options can be arranged from 14 day “Detox + Recover” to 28 and 42 day programmes. Clients with poly addictions or dual diagnosis may prefer to extend their stay. We are accessible for our disabled clients and have facilities to enable wheelchair access. The bedrooms and bathrooms are spacious and have either mountain or sea views. Our outdoor swimming pool and leisure facilities offer a relaxing end to the day.

For some clients the residential care is not an option. Family commitments or caring for others can be obstacles when considering residential treatment programmes. We have designed and created a “Day Care” programme, to make recovery accessible to those with outside commitments. Day Clients will experience the same level of care from our addictions team, with a full day programme delivered by leading experts in dependency. Clients are then able to return home in the evening.

Many of our clients are worried about the future; we work with them to create a future worth looking forward to.

For advice on addictions and treatment, please contact our admission team.

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