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Seeing Machines

Seeing Machines to see is an award winning technology company with a focus on vision-based man-machine interfaces. Formed in 2000, View Seeing Machine objective is to market its computer-vision IP across a variety of industries and applications.

One of the ways our technology faceLAB ® provides head pose, gaze tracking and closing of the eyelid. Has immediate and far-reaching impact in the field of transport security and the knowledge systems of active information.

Seeing Machines do was founded nearly eight years ago to exploit commercially the computer vision technology that was developed jointly by the National University of Australia and the Swedish Volvo car.

The first product? faceLAB? remains the bulk of their income. This is a computer vision system that is capable of measuring the orientation and position of a human head, to detect and estimate flashing eyes.

Sold to research and development organizations, works faceLAB through a stereo camera system that connects to a software advanced processing of images, without attachments required in the field. Allows human factors designers and researchers to evaluate the operators in environments such as driving seats in cars, trucks, trains and planes. faceLAB has already been sold to a number of car manufacturers, including Daimler Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Peugeot, while other companies using the product include Bosch, Motorola, Samsung and Honeywell.

Various research institutions and universities around the world, including MIT and the Fraunhofer Institute, which also use faceLAB. Show machine but the strategy does not end with faceLAB, representing almost all of the company U.S. $ 1.4 million of revenue in the first half of 2008. Machines to see is extending its technology to be used in everyday situations outside the R & D laboratory.

See also machines used its technology to develop a device that checks for glaucoma (an eye disease that affects 2-3% of all people older than 40 years). Call the TrueField Analyzer (TFA), this device competes with a technology that is more than three decades old and takes less than five minutes to test both eyes, compared to 5-20 minutes per eye with existing technology. View Machines that TFA is an objective way of testing for glaucoma, while current technology uses a subjective test, which claims its test is more reliable. TFA has already been approved for marketing by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. According to the company, as many as 150,000 ophthalmologists in the global target markets Cerneaz and hopes to see some activity with the product at the end of next year.

In the short term, the equity research firm Edison Investment Research expected earnings of DSS to drive revenue growth over the next year, with turnover for the year on June 30, 2009 expected to almost Triple U.S. $ 10.3 million. Edison also expects the firm to make a small profit of $ 2.5 million before tax, compared with a loss of $ 341,000 earmarked for the current year.

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