8 Mart 2009 Pazar

Vossloh-Schwabe Aromat

Vossloh-Schwabe ,Aromat

We are pleased to announce the merger of Aromat Lighting Division with Vossloh-Schwabe Inc..

Based on our goal to continuously enhance benefits and services to our customers, MEW HQ took the decision to merge the two Matsushita Lighting Component Operations in the U.S. effective July 1st 2005 to one stronger Company under the

The combined team of VS & Aromat will be in the position to offer you the complete range of high performance VS-Components including:

* Electronic HID Ballast & Lampholders
* Electronic FL/CFL Ballast & Lampholders
* Halogen LV-Transformers & Lampholders
* LED Modules and Converters
* Edison Lampholders & a variety of Accessories

This product offering together with the motivation, experience and technical know how of the united Aromat & VS personnel makes Vossloh-Schwabe Inc. a very attractive "one-stop shop".

Backed by the Management and R & D of MEW, VS will work to become your preferred partner for all of your Lighting Component needs.

As we work to consolidate our operations, you will continue to interface with your existing VS or AROMAT contacts, whom you have known and worked with for years.

All of us are looking forward to working with you on your future lighting endeavors.

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