2 Ocak 2009 Cuma

JPK Instruments

Key features
Table-top version with external controller box
Requires anti-vibration system
Optional temperature control module and fluidics
> 80 000 curves per 24 hours in unattended mode while varying parameters such as temperature or loading rate
4x4x4 µm3 piezo positioning range with the best closed loop control available on the market
JPK Instruments has one goal:

Giving the customers dealing with problems on the nanoscale the best instruments and best services for their needs. We bridge the worlds of nanotechnology tools and life science applications with cutting-edge technology and unique applications expertise.

How to reach this ambitious goal?

We believe strongly that success comes only by listening to the needs of customers in detail to develop an understanding of their challenges and providing a reliable and innovative solution. The JPK development team works in collaboration with an international network of leading scientists and industry experts to develop premium class instruments.

As a qualified and reliable partner, we help our customers apply our technologies to their research - worldwide.

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