19 Şubat 2009 Perşembe

The CMX Multi-Purpose Material

The CMX Multi-Purpose Material & Coating Thickness Gauge- Officially Released!

The new CMX series gauges are the latest addition to the Dakota product line. It's a brand new DSP platform, using FPGA technoloy. We've designed a multi-purpose material and coating thickness platform with a ton of capabilities. The CMX features include: auto probe zero, auto probe recognition, auto temperature compensation, and a stand alone coating only mode. The standard pulse-ehco and thru-paint echo-echo modes are also ongoing features included in the mix.

Not only will the CMX simultaneously measure the material and coating thickness, but it will also find pits & flaws at the same time! A custom calibration configuration for both the material and coating types offers extreme linearity. Our custom transducer linearity table enables all of our dual element transducers to operate only with precision.

Create and store 64 custom setups for all your common testing applications. Switch into the time based B-Scan view, to enable a cross section view of the material your inspecting. Kick the CMX into high gear, enabling our high speed scan at 50 readings per second!

Simply too many attributes to mention everything! Take a closer look at the .pdf specifications for further details regarding the CMX gauges.

The CMX DL - Counterpart

The CMX DL includes all of the features mention above in the CMX, but is equipped with a super data logger, to say the least! The data logger consists of two file formats: Sequential logging with auto identifiers, and alpha numeric grid. The file formats are currently compatible with UltraPipe asset management software.

Now, let's talk about the storage capacity...shall we? The CMX DL can store 16,000+ readings, with B-Scan captures and all gauges settings and features, or turn the graphics mode off and store over 210,000 readings! Enough said!

Oh and by the way! Don't forget to take a look at the price tag!

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