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Fifth Avenue where the Shadyside Inn Suites is located was once known as Millionaires Road. Along a mile stretch of the road Pittsburgh's most talented built mansions along the tree lined roads. Being only about 3 1/2 miles from the heart of downtown Pittsburgh meant that these people could be close to work yet not live within the busy streets of the city. As the area grew there was a need for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Less than two blocks from Millionaires Road entrepreneurs and developers began inhabiting a four block area of Walnut Street. There they built high end stores, four star restaurants, and of course bars and saloons.

Over the years this area became the premier upscale neighborhood in Pittsburgh. The Shadyside area is the place where the best and brightest of Pittsburgh still live today. Its commercial district features the best shopping, dining, and entertainment the city has to offer.

The following is a small sample of the attractions in the Shadyside Area

Dining and Entertainment
Health and Education
University of Pittsburgh
Shadyside Chamber of Commerce
Walnut Grill
Carnegie Mellon University
Apple Store
Bananna Republic
China Palace
Shadyside Hospital
X Gym
Sushi Too
West Penn Hospital
Coffee Tree
Ann Taylor
Doc's Place
Carnegie Museum
Lets Make Music

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