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Menorca – Introduction

Menorca is the most tranquil island of the Balearics, boasting beautiful scenery, great for coastline or mountian walks and fantastic cuisine.
The island is perfect to destress, unwind and slow down the pace of life….

Menorca has a land area of 702 square kilometres and a coastline of 216 kilometres. The maximum distance between two points is 47 kilometres, that is, between Ciutadella and Maó. The coast of Sant Lluís, at the eastern end of the island, is the first spot in Spain where the sun rises.
Geologically the island is divided into two symmetrical but very different halves. The North, has an uneven and rugged coastline with sparse vegetation and numerous islets and reddish and dark sandy beaches. The South is made up of calcareous rock, is flat and has smooth cliffs, gullies sculpted by water and coves of white sand surrounded by pines. The highest elevation of the island is Monte Toro at 357 metres.

Minorca has been, since prehistoric times to more recent times, a staging point of different cultures owing to its strategic location in the heart of the western Mediterranean. Its location has attracted, since the dawn of civilization, different peoples who have coveted the island as a stopover port and a shelter..
All these people left a rich historical legacy in the island, which is the most easterly of the Balearic territories and is a place of outstanding heritage.
It is for this reason that historians and archaeologists consider Menorca to be an authentic open-air museum.
Both its prehistory and history are so intense that it seems inappropriate for such a small territory.
Leisure and Sports
Menorca offers unbeatable opportunities to combine sport with the enjoyment of nature.

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